What to do with dried flowers


What to do with Dried Flowers

I love to look at money saving ideas for around the home.

Drying flowers is a great way to enjoy flowers all year round.( Do take a peek at my post on the benefits of flowers) Whether you buy dried flowers or save them from a bouquet or directly out of the garden there are some great uses for dried flower petals.

Using up flower petals is a great money saving exercise and there are so many DIY projects you can use them for.

Have a look here for a very simple how to dry rose petals in the microwave if you are wanting a speedy how to. If you are wanting to learn how to press flowers then read on. None of this is omplicated oh and it is VERY addictive!


How to press flowers

Pressing flowers is a great way to dry them out and it really could not be simpler. If you want ot learn the simple art of flower pressing then I am pretty sure you will love it.

I have used dried flowers to make cards, to make book marks and to craft with my childrwn. There are so many things you can do with dried pressed flowers.


Pot Pourri

One of the most popular ways to use dried flower petals is in potpourri. Homemade potpourri is easy to make with a combination of dried flowers and other plant parts like pine cones. To add more fragrance you can add a few drops of a complimenting essential oil.

Potpourri can be expensive, so being able to make your own from flowers you have finished admiring or flowers from your garden – really is a great way to save money. Have a look here for a great recipe for homemade  rose and lavender pot pourri

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a popular way to relax. I just absolutely love a soak in a long hot bath after a long day at my desk or a chilly walk. Blissful. Toiletries can be pricy though, can’t they?

Making your own bath bombs is an easy way to enjoy a relaxing bath that allows you to know exactly what is going into your bath. Dried flower petals add both a light fragrance and beautiful addition to your bath as they rehydrate and spread out floating on the surface of your bath.

Bath salts are a lovely way to make your bath heavenly too. Do take a peek at my post on How to make rose petal bath salts

Flower infused oils

Making your own flower infused oils for skin care is easy. Simply place dried flower petals into a skin friendly oil such as avocado oil and let sit for several weeks until the two have infused together. This oil can be used for skin and hair care or use in other homemade bath and body products like lotions and soaps. How absolutely delicious does this sound!

Flower tea

Some dried flowers make great teas. Chamomile and lavender flower petals both make amazing and relaxing gourmet teas. You can make your own right from your garden or purchase these flowered dried in bulk for a beautiful fresh loose tea.

It is so simple to make – all you have to do is add a dessert spoon of the flowers to enough boiling water for one cup, allow to steep for about three minutes, sieve and serve. Such a lovely way to make the most of your garden flowers and gerbs and so good for you too.

Have a look here for a simple tutorial on how to dry chamomile flowers

Have a look here for a simple tutorial on how to dry lavender flowers

The benefits of flower teas

Chamomile is so good for you it is a soothing drink destined to help you relax and also helps your digestion. It is also said to have antioxidants that may lower the risk your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Lavender tea is said to aid the digestions, reduce inflammation and help respiratory health.

If you like tea and china cups I think you are going to just love this post on what to do with chipped china


Decorated candles

Dried flower petals can be used for decorating candles. Wrap petals around the outside of a pillar candle and lightly coat with wax to secure them to the candle. Pressing entire flowers to use this way can make some beautiful candles that make great gifts for loved ones. Some jar candles have a sprinkling of dried flower petals added to the top of the candle before it dries for a splash of natural colour.



Make your own rose water

For this very simple how to all you need is dried rose petals and water. You simply boil water in a pan ad your rose petals and let the water simmer.  When the rose petals have lost their colour you sieve the water and put the water into a spritzer. This makes a great facial spray. Have a little look at this rose water vlog  to see it being made



Air freshener or drawer pouches

A lovely natural way to scent your car or your underwear drawer is to make a simple lavender pouch. It could not be simpler to make these. If you want to make your own pouches then take a look at this lavender pouch tutorial

Or you can simply add your dried flowers with a couple of drops of essential oil  to a ready-made sachet like these organza bags


So there you go a host of lovely ideas for using dried flowers. There really is no need to just throw things out – there are always things we can do with the things we already have. I love the make do and mend approach. Sometimes it really does lead to the most creative projects.


Over to you

Do you create and use dried flowers? If you do I would absolutely love to hear what you do with them. Do drop me a comment below and let me know. I love to hear from you.

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