Uses For Rubber Bands

Uses For Rubber Bands


Uses For Rubber Bands

There are so many uses for rubber bands and they are brilliant little money savers and they are just great for everyday use. Rubber bands also seem to pop up in the most random places from packaging to your mailbox. If you find yourself with a collection of rubber bands you may be looking for ways to put them to work for you.


Bouncy balls

Rubber bands make a great bouncy ball. Wrap them around an old golf ball and build a large ball of rubber bands to set the kids loose with outside.


Keep cords tidy

Rubber bands are great for organizing. Cords and cables take over drawers and bags. Wrap a rubber band around a folded cord to secure it and keep the mess under control.


Scrunchy support!

If you are crafty rubber bands have many great uses. One fun thing to do is make your own scrunchies. this is great if you have a middle schooler with the comeback scrunchies are making.


Jewellery making

Small bands for making jewellery. These bands are sold for this but you can make these with any small stash of rubber bands you have running around the house.


Fix jeans

A rubber band is a great way to fix jeans. For jeans that are too tight loop through the buttonhole and into itself to secure then loop the open end over the button on your jeans. You can loop the rubber band through the zipper pull and attach to the button before buttoning your jeans to keep the zipper from going down.


Open a jar

If you can not get a stuck jar open try putting a rubber band along the edge to add grip allowing you to easily twist it open.



Pack a sliced apple in your lunch box. Place the slices together and place a rubber band around the apple to keep the edges together and prevent browning.


Craft supply tidying

Use rubber bands to control your craft supplies. Wrap around a spool of ribbon to keep the ribbon from unwinding.


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There really are just so many uses for rubber bands – brilliant money saving things!  Do drop me a comment if you can think of any more

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