Saving money whilst keeping your resolutions

New Year,  New Start

So new year equals a new start for so many of us and January brings with it so many new resolutions, doesn’t it? Lots of them costing money.

Losing weight often leads to us joining slimming clubs, paying for our membership and a whole paraphernalia of slimming associated bits and bobs.

Wanting to get fit often ends up with us paying out to join a gym (that we then rarely attend)

Starting a new relationship – this can lead to us joining expensive dating sites, buying new clothes, having our hair styled I and all sorts of manner of expenses.

Yikes, all sorts of costs included in the above. But as ever that really does not have to be the way.

Saving money whilst keeping your resolutions, dating on a budget

Let’s take a look at ways to follow these resolutions without spending money…


Getting healthy on a budget

Firstly, you can slim yourself down by following a sensible, lower calorie, balanced-diet and upping your exercise. You can get all the advice you need from your GP surgery or a browse of an NHS weight loss plan that really is scientifically backed.

In terms of getting fit, walking and jogging are entirely free ( save a decent pair of trainers. Why not sign your good self up to walk 1000 miles this year as I have done – I know its a massive challenge but it will get you fit. Or perhaps you could try the couch to 5k program?


Dating on a budget

When it comes to dating  I think it is really important you are entirely yourself right from the start. So don’t spend a fortune on clothing or in the hairdressers and pretend to loo all coiffed and beautified if that is not your usual style. You absolutely want someone who loves you just for you.

So now you have saved you money on new clothes/hair and makeup you instead of going to be spending it all on an expensive dating site?


It is important you look at your options and save money where you can.  Whether you are looking for dating sites in Ireland or pretty much anywhere in the world it is possible to find dating sites UK based and further afield. You may well find some great dates or indeed the partner of your dreams without spending any money!

How well does that sound!

And then when it comes to dating there really is SO much you can do and so much fun you can have without spending any money so you get to know your date


Date ideas that are cost-free

You can take long romantic walks

You can have a home cooked meal

Perhaps you could visit an art gallery

Or maybe you could have a picnic in a local park?

Rollerblading or a bike ride might be fun too.


So resolutions really do not have to be costly and you g can get fit, slim and have a great dating life on a budget wen you know how,

What have you resolved to do differently this New Year?



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