How to save money on fitness

Today – How to save money on fitness

A new year sees us all vow to get fitter and get richer doesn’t it? Resolutions often get broken because we don’t PLAN how we are going to put them into action. I am hoping this post really helps you, gives you lots of ideas and helps you diary in some action in relation to how to save money on fitness.

When it comes to trying to save money on fitness there are so many brilliant things we CAN do that is a wonder gyms stay in business in my option!  Have look at my top tips and see which ones work for you – I am sure you will find something that floats your boat.

How to save money on fitness

How to save money on fitness


Walking is a brilliant way to get fit on a budget. All you really need are a pair of good trainers and a can-do attitude. You can pretty much walk  anywhere and at any time (just be sure to keep safety in mind – let someone know where you are and stay in well-lit areas)

Do you find boring? It really does not have to be – music, podcasts and photography can help a great deal with this and I have even written a post on it you might fancy a read of – Ways to make walking less boring

Often nowadays when I meet up with a friend I often go for a walk rather than for a coffee – it is brilliant free exercise, the time goes much faster and I save on the price of a coffee. It’s an all-round win!


Exercise classes

Exercises classes can be pricey so always ask to try a session for free before you ever book a course!  You will almost always get a YES to this and its a brilliant way to try out loads of different classes for no cost.


Free gym day passes

Freed day passes to a gym are a brilliant idea, you get to try out all the facilities, have a free day of fitness and see if you really like it.  Just give your local gym a call and ask if they have passes available – they may even give you a couple so you can really get a fewel for the place. You may want to try out a fair few gyms these ways and get your exercise in for free.


Great gym deals

For great gym deals – if this is really your thing- you have to be savvy. Take a look on Groupon, look out for New Year or summer promotions too as these ate the times you can get great deals. It is also worth exploring membership options as some places will give you a MUCH better rate if you only use the gym between 9 – 5 or just Monday to Friday. See what’s on offer and really do explore your options.  Have a look here on how to get a David Lloyd free day pass



Oh, cycling is such a brilliant way to get fit on a budget.  And once you have invested in a bike ( and you can probably find a great second-hand option)  you really should not have many more expenses (but please do invest in lights for your bike too and a lock do DO wear a bike hat.) I would urge you to hop on over to YouTube and learn to fix any simple things that go wrong with your bike by yourself to save expenses there too.

Cycling is a fabulous way not only to save money on fitness but also to save money on travelling. So really a bike is a great investment.


How to save money on fitness

Tidying up

Yep, you read that right tidying up. Tidying up can be an awesome way to save money on fitness. And of course, it makes your house lovely! Thanks to Amanda from We Blog Travel and Ana Mum Diary for this top tip:

When I’m tidying up and need to move things upstairs. I collect everything on the bottom step and then take them up separately. Gets the heart rate going and gets you out of breath. Plus you are sorting the untidiness at the same time.

Pure genius – and so simple. You really can build fitness on a budget into your everyday life.


Park trails

Park trials full of exercise equipment are such a blessing to those of us who want to exercise on a budget. It is fantastic that we get access to brilliant equipment in beautiful surroundings for absolutely nothing.

We really should make the most of it.

Either ask your sporty friends or you can ring your local council to find out what parks in your area have such equipment and then go explore. Mixing up how and where you exercise is not only good for your body as it gives it a really varied workout. It is also good for your mind as it stops you getting so bored.


Play is a great way to save money on fitness

Our kids just love us to play with them and it can be such a brilliant way to keep fit. I’m thinking if you join in with following you will certainly be getting a free work out whilst also keeping your kids entertained without a cost and away from screens. Everyone wins. You could go:

kite flying

playing football


hide and seek


an obstacle course in the garden


running races


Oh and so much more. Investing in a cheap badminton set or flying disc or skipping rope costs so little but can lead to a brilliant workout for all of you!

Over to you

I would love to hear any thought or ideas you have on ways to save on getting healthy and fit. Do drop me a comment below if you would like to join the Serious Saver conversation.  It really is possible to get fit on a budget and it can make us all feel so much better when we do


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