Who Is A Divorce Attorney?

A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in matters pertaining to family relationships including divorce, dissolution, and annulment. Most divorce lawyers are practitioners of family law but they will focus their energy on matters that are related to marriage and family including wills and adoptions.

Any people who are in the process of a legal separation are usually advised to seek the services of divorce attorneys; this is an important decision because it ensures that all their legal rights stay protected and where possible they will try and promote and amicable settlements.


For a person to become a divorce attorney, a lawyer will need to attend law school where they will especially be required to cover topics related to family law over the course of their studies and they will finally qualify when they take the bar exam. Most bar exams will consist of a written exam in addition to a character assessment that seeks to ensure that the person has the moral garb that will enable them to practice family law. Once a person has qualified, the lawyer will start by working in a practice the handles matters of family law so they can acquire experience in their field.

The first task for any divorce lawyer is to learn how to draw divorce papers once they get approached by one of the parties in the divorce with a request that they represent them. There are a few cases where a couple will mutually decide on the divorce; in such a case the couple can approach a divorce attorney together and ask for legal assistance. However, wherever there is a contentious case, every party will look for their own divorce attorney. The petition relating to the divorce or dissolution will then serve to the other party once it has been written up and signed by the person who is requesting for the divorce.

One of the most important features of divorce cases involves the moderation of settlements when a couple has decided to dissolve their marriage. Part of the said settlement normally includes the division of their assets, a discussion regarding child custody as well as a settlement of child support and alimony.

Divorce attorneys are also sought in order to enforce any prenuptial agreements that may have been there. In cases such as where a couple has fertilized embryos stored in a fertility treatment center, it is the both divorce attorneys who will decide what happens to those embryos.

When there is a contentious divorce, each party in the matter will be represented in court by a divorce attorney.  This is also the case in any specialized family courts where family related issues such as child custody and adoption are in contention.