When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

When you are in a car accident and have incurred damages and also have had injuries then the person who is responsible for the accident is to take responsibility for your claims and damages and you are entitled to claim your expenses from their insurance.

In case there is no dispute there is obviously no use of an attorney. For instance, if the other party has low premium insurance scheme where they are not able to compensate fully for the incurred damages and injuries, then there is no requirement for an attorney as the settlement can be done by other forms of payment.

personal injury lawyerHowever, in the case of any dispute in settlement or any litigation to be avoided in the damage settlement, a personal injury attorney can come into picture to resolve the case and to help you get your claimed compensation.

The party at fault might ask you for relevant information regarding damages, amount to be claimed, medical and automobile bills etc and when there is lack of cooperation from either end, an attorney can come into picture to avoid any further dispute or litigation.

Also in situations where the other party is fully at fault, the insurance adjusters may try to bail at a low value which is unfair to the amount of damages or injuries incurred by you and in such cases, a personal injury lawyer can help to get you your fair share of compensation.

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