What is the Role of a Horse Appraiser?

The demand for horse appraisers has risen remarkably in the past few years. An appraisal renders an impartial fiscal value for a horse after require market research and analysis.

Abiding by the standards of Professional Appraisal Practices and Real Estate Appraisals, the horse appraiser does his duties. The most common call is donation of a horse into a school, non-profit organization centers as well as therapeutic riding organizations.

In the past, it was the horse owner who possessed professional and experienced horsemen to mark the value of their horse. But, now the system has been eradicated. Thus, arises the need of an impartial expert in the horse industry who could render training and certification on the appraisal procedure.

Equine appraisers also play a vital role in the court rooms like lawsuits, bankruptcy, divorce, disputes, law petition, IRS audits and more. They perform as a consultant and assist in cases. They help by asking the right questions of depositions. They work as testifying professionals for defense as well as plaintiff.

There are several equine insurance companies who hire appraisers for better monetary policy and dispute cases. It is also possible to appraise a dead horse for legal matters and insurance cases. The other roles of horse appraiser comprise of bank collateral, fraudulent, purchase, sale and contractual disputes and syndications.

While determining the value of the horse, they focus on how efficient the horse is at its job. It is important for the horse to stand as an international competitor, have a good show record, successful offspring, bloodlines, movement and conformation to evaluate his value. The other factors which contribute to a horse’s value is pedigree, health, eye appeal, soundness and conformation.

Equine appraisers use database, contacts and phone calls to find out the comparable figures to evaluate the price. Gary Clay is a magnificent horse expert who has dedicated 40 years to National and International horse appraisal. He is one of the best horse appraisers and has worked as a litigation consultant, equine appraiser, insurance witness, horse show judge and horse vet.

Mr. Clay has trained horses as well as riders and has a highest ratting called Large “R” with the US Equestrian Federation. If you’re looking for a horse appraiser, then he has the perfect knowledge and skill to help you win cases. Just contact him for free consultation and get a hint of his professionalism and skills.