What Happens When You Get A DUI

It is essential to know what can happen if you are into drinking fun, the worst things can happen to you is you get DUI. Consuming alcohol and driving is a crime and what is worst is getting caught by the cop or you are been held in some accident because of it. The severity of the circumstance may put you behind the bars or you may be convicted from driving for many months along with facing penalty charges.


Your drinking fun can be defused by certain consequences leading you in a worst position. Majority of people who are convicted under DUI, are not drunkards may be a glass or two of wine or couple of beers is enough to get DUI.

Majority of the state’s law mandate DUI offenders to report in the court or at their state licensing authority within time frame of thirty days. They might ask to enroll in an alcohol school or to a similar curriculum.

The offender is also asked to get DUI insurance after being convicted under this law. DUI insurance is a usual insurance that requires after anybody gets under DUI violation. DUI- Driving under influence is one of the greatest increasing violations a person can have in his/her driving license record. After being convicted under DUI, you will require a SR 22 insurance filing in order to get your license restored.

When you get DUI, you have right to defense. For this you can employ an attorney to plea bargain. Since, your attorney would be the one who will be offering the best in your interest. Though it is imperative to understand the importance of the law and understand that even with the help of attorney you might get minimum of charges and might get your license confiscated for certain period of time.

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