Internet Lawyer and Defamation Law

The web is what you make of it. People use internet according to their needs and requirements, they virtually share their entire lives or parts of it on blogs and other networking sites. As strange as it may sound, but we live in a tightly networked world, bound by rules which are at time beyond our control.

Internet Lawyer

Internet law was primarily implemented because of unauthorized sharing of digital media. This caused huge losses to the entertainment industry. Internet laws were placed to wipe out the porn industry that is flourishing all over the internet; thus, the communications decency Act was implemented by the US govt. in 1996.

Defamation law was implemented to bring criminals accused of wrongfully accusing someone’s character, and reiterate the wrongly accused character in the society. A defamation law has to be proven undeniably false to actually acquit the accused. Apart from this, the defamation law states that the person in context has to be paid something as compensation for wrongfully accusing him.

The latest in the in line of internet laws are the ones related to cyber-terrorism. Cyber-terrorism has become one of the largest problems in recent times, and governments across the world are doing their best to put an end to the problem. They are doing so by monitoring the internet traffic that is being generated by their country very carefully.

Widespread adoption of ecommerce gave rise to cyber crimes such as hacking, phishing, identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Different laws were put into place to keep a check on this problem, with punishments being as severe as sentenced to life imprisonment!

Along with these laws came the internet lawyers; they are relatively new breed of lawyers assigned the job of bringing the guilty to justice. The jurisdiction of any internet lawyer is comparatively larger than the traditional lawyers.

The level of sophistication of their job is very technical and knowledge in advancements is required. An internet lawyer is expected to know all of the cyber crimes and the procedures to bring the guilty to justice. So in case you are unrightfully accused of any of the above mentioned crimes, you can always seek the help of an internet lawyer.