How Legal Dictionaries Help You Understand Law Terms Like Acquitted

To get a synopsis of any legal topic, or terms related to laws, it is best to get the help of an online legal dictionary. These dictionaries help you get a clear understanding of the legal terms and subject matters you come across with in your legal matters.


A legal dictionary is composed with law terms, explanations, and texts and with citations on other materials to help you get a good idea of subjects related to law.

There are terms like “acquitted” or “Acquittal” that you do not come across often, and the Duhaime acquitted definition on the term defines it as a verdict of a judge to state the person accused of a criminal activity isn’t guilty.

Understand terms related to criminal law

It terms like these that you may not generally know there are also several other terms related to criminal law that can come to know through the online legal dictionaries. The terms related to criminal law can be quite difficult to understand, so to help you Duhaime acquitted definition comes to your aid in such conditions.

Acquittal is a French word that is now part of the English law terminology and states that those accused can’t be tried for criminal activityas the records showthat he has previously been exposed to be trialed for the same crime and was declared to be acquitted.

About the criminal law term acquitted

The Duhaime acquitted definition states that the accused in that case can plead for Autrefois, which means that a convict cannot be accused of the same crime, and tried again and any attempts of putting a convict in a trial is met with double jeopardy. Acquittal acts like a certification to claim that the person that had been previously formally accused and has not been found guilty cannot be tried again.

Acquittal results in the prosecuting attorney not evidencing the case contrary to the criminal offender beyond a rational doubt.There are various references on the subject matter that can be found on the Duhaime legal dictionary that states that a convict cannot be prosecuted for the same crime if found not guilty on the previous trail.