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The Law Office of G. Christopher Van Bever is your trusted business and commercial law office in Lexington Kentucky. Attorney Chris Van Bever specializes in Business Services & Commercial Transactions, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, Coal, Oil & Gas and Natural Resources Law, Bankruptcy, Regulatory Compliance & Permitting, Commercial Real Estate and Construction Law, Environmental Law and Media Relations and Public Communications.

We take a personalized approach to practicing law. We get to know each and every client, their particular case and create a strategy specifically catered to their needs. Attorney Chris Van Bever has years of experience with commercial litigation and is very knowledgeable of Kentucky law. Trust him to represent you with your next case and know that you have a motivated, well-informed lawyer on your side.

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Getting an experienced corporate business lawyer can help you best in solving all your financial and official related legal issues. In case if you think you are in trouble and can’t find any solutions to your problem, worry not! As Van Bever Law firm is there to help you out. They expertise in environmental law and real estate law and can easily solve your issues without wasting time and money.