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Traffic Ticket Defense

While driving through Florida, you may incur a traffic ticket. This happens to many people, and if handled properly, doesn’t have to be detrimental to your driver’s license. The majority of traffic violations is speeding tickets, but can also include situations such as improper lane change, running Read more [...]

Arrested for a Misdemeanor?

There can still be big consequences for misdemeanor charges. Being charged with a misdemeanor is definitely not as dire as being charged with a felony, but it can adversely affect your life and follow you for years to come! For this reason, it is very important to hire a qualified criminal defense attorney Read more [...]

When Does a Frisk Become a Search and Seizure?

This article is simply a brief description… a credible attorney should always be consulted in any situation. For assistance in legal situations call The Law Offices of Travis Koon, our criminal defense attorneys can determine if your rights were unlawfully infringed upon. It almost seems common Read more [...]

Different CRM Requisitions for Lawyers

Any solution renders best results when it is customized majorly to the issues that it has been facing and customer relationship management for attorneys is certainly no exception. Designed specifically for the solitary need of law firms and legal issues, legal CRM can help you in tracking clients, Read more [...]

Miranda Rights

If you have ever watched a tv show or movie that showed an arrest, you have most likely heard the Miranda Rights being read during that scene.  We all know the basics of it, but let’s look at this warning a little more and then dispel some of the misconceptions. The Miranda warning is simply an Read more [...]

Motion to Dismiss

These are scary times, made even worse if you have been arrested and convicted of a crime.  Your mind is racing and reeling, your heart is beating hard, and you are trying not to panic, right?  Thankfully, you have called a top-notch criminal defense attorney (like those found at the Law Office of Read more [...]

Fake ID: How To Save Yourself?

Visitors flock to Florida from all over the country, and even from all over the world, to enjoy the beaches, family entertainment, and spring break.  Many high school and college students come here to relax, enjoy themselves, and maybe even party a little – and some do it with a fake id. When Read more [...]


Every so often a case comes to one of our offices that does not seem right, and the facts just don’t add up. We have seen instances of an arrest being made, and our correct defense is entrapment. This defense is based on the accepted fact that it’s unjust for law enforcement to encourage an individual Read more [...]