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Arrested for DUI?

Seeking a DUI Attorney in Lake City, Fl.? Have you just been arrested for DUI in Lake City or Gainesville, Florida? Can a person be arrested for DUI when they aren’t driving the vehicle?  I know this may sound like a silly questions, but the surprising answer is… YES!  There have been several Read more [...]

DUI – Don’t Walk, Talk, or Audition Your Freedom

The serious charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is usually a misdemeanor, but depending on the circumstances may be charged as a felony.  To be considered as a DUI, the driver needs to be found with a Blood Alcohol Content of .08 percent or higher and be in control of a vehicle.  Other than Read more [...]

What Happens When You Get A DUI

It is essential to know what can happen if you are into drinking fun, the worst things can happen to you is you get DUI. Consuming alcohol and driving is a crime and what is worst is getting caught by the cop or you are been held in some accident because of it. The severity of the circumstance may put Read more [...]

When to Call Your DUI Lawyer

Laws regarding a DUI may differ from state to state, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep them all straight. If you have a Colorado DUI lawyer on hand, he or she can probably enlighten you as to the different laws regarding a DUI in Colorado. One important thing to know is when it is prudent to Read more [...]