Basic Steps To Procure Green Card With Other Secondary Options

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Basic steps to follow:

It’s time to start with the basic steps to apply and get your green card handy. Remember that the norms and regulations are part of USCIS and need to be followed in the exact manner. Failing to do so can delay your entire green card process.

  • For the primary step, you have to check out the eligibility criteria of procuring a green card. For that, be sure to visit the green card eligibility page.
  • Next, you need to harp on green card based forms page for some comprehensive details. Here, you will receive details on the forms you need to submit and apply for the permanent residency status.
  • Lastly, follow all the norms and instructions as mentioned in the application form, before filling it up and submitting. It is mandatory for you to follow the instructions well or else USCIS will not get the permission to process your application for further steps.

Other ways to get green card:

Majority of immigrants come here to live permanently in the USA through employment, sponsorship of family member or any job offer. However, there are certain other ways, through which you can obtain green card easily. Some of those programs are currently mentioned below:

  • K Nonimmigrant, which might include fiancé or fiancée
  • Visa program based on diversity immigrant is another way to follow. It is also sometimes referred as green card lottery
  • Focusing on the special immigrant juvenile or the SIJ status
  • Legal immigration family equity or the LIFE act

Other areas to look into:

There are certain other additional programs available, which are mandatory for you to learn about. These are some of the extra steps, which can help you to get a permanent residential status in the US.

Under the family special categories, you have:

  • Widow or widower of US citizen
  • Battered child or spouse under VAWA
  • V nonimmigrant
  • Person born to any foreign diplomat in the USA

There are some other options available, designed under job categories. Some of those are:

  • Iraqi or afghan translator
  • Armed force member
  • Afghan assisting the USA government
  • Iraqi assisting the USA government
  • International organization worker or employee
  • NAT 86 nonimmigrant
  • Religious worker
  • Physician national interest waiver

Join the programs:

You can even try joining some green card programs to learn more about ways to become a permanent resident of the USA. These programs are valuable and designed for people with easy accessibility.

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