Are You a Sexual Harassment Victim: Visit An Attorney Now!

A discriminatory behavior, Sexual harassment leaves the victim feel debased and marginalized. Luckily, you have laws to protect workers and employees from sexual harassment at their working place. If you’ve been a target of it, then you need to speak to best sexual harassment attorneys for your case.


If you or one of your co-workers has been assaulted physically, mentally or verbally, then you can approach the attorney. They render personal counseling and instant litigation services in sexual harassment cases.

What Defines Sexual Harassment?

It comprises of a pattern of indecent behavior which includes:

  • Flirting
  • Sexual comments
  • Off color jokes
  • A sexually offensive working ambience
  • Physical touch
  • Stalking
  • Sexual favor requests

As per the law, there are two kinds of sexual harassment:

  • Hostile working environment- where the employee witnesses a series of unwelcoming sexual actions or talk which is quite uncomfortable for her to handle
  • Quid pro quo-where your boss makes an employee’s appointment, retention, promotion and performance review depending on sexual favors

Does your employer own a sexual harassment policy?

See into your employee handbook to find out if your employer has taken a sexual harassment policy. If he has it, then he will implement it in good faith. But, if he fails to do so, then you can approach Chicago Sexual Harassment Attorneys to pursue your case.


Often employers retaliate against you for complaining. But this is forbidden. Retaliation could be dangerous sometimes and employers need to treat sexual harassment complains cautiously.

Prove your case

If you’re being assaulted verbally, then it is advisable to get it on tape. It will help your employer to address the situation well.

No one needs to work under the stress of sexual harassment. Take proper actions and go or justice. Your culprits will surely be penalized and punished!